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Pigeon Hole Racks

A pigeon hole rack is a type of storage system which has been designed to store the products in racks which are in shape of pigeon holes. The pigeon holes or the "chabutras" as called in Hindi language are very well organized and it is very easy to identify a product and replace it. The pigeon hole racks are like a tabular form with multiple number of rows and various number of columns in each row. A very good example of a pigeon hole rack is a shoe rack which caters to the storage of a large number of shoes with one rack for each pair of shoes. In the pigeon hole racks Delhi market, there are a large number of manufacturers and retailers for such types of racks. These types of storage racks are not only widely used in industries but also find their places in post offices for mails, as shoe racks in temples and other small offices where they are used for storage of products on a daily basis and each small compartment can easily be identified by either looking at the product inside it or by the number assigned to the compartment. We have been in the pigeon hole racks Delhi market for quite a long time now and have sold a number of racks for various industry needs. We also have some of our top and famous clients in the pigeon hole racks Delhi and pigeon hole racks India markets.

The pigeon hole racks India market is full of vendors offering their products available in different varieties. Considering this and keeping in mind the high competition in terms of prices, the following factors will help buyers to choose the best design of racks for their industries:

  • Dimensions of Pogeon Hole Racks - Choosing the dimensions of a pigeon hole racks is one of the most important factor which will help you decide which rack to buy in the market. The dimension also depends upon factors like the kind of products you want to store in the racks, the storage capacity of the racks that you want, the area of the warehouse where you want to keep the racks and also the density of the storage racks for the inventory. The space congestion is something which should be avoided in all the posible ways. One more thing to be kept in mind while deciding the dimension is how frequently the products in the pigeon hole racks would get replaced. These racks are generally designed for products which are kept and replaced the same day however, the can also be used for longer period of times.
  • Material of the Racks - The material of the racks can be decided keeping the kind of products to be stored in the racks in mind. Although the storage racks are durable and long lasting, deciding upon the material is worth giving a thought once.
  • Cost Factor – Having thought upon the above two factors, cost is something which takes a back seat in front of the needs. However, it is also something that cannot be ignored as it is of high importance. A simple way of determining the cost is to consult three or four vendors after having deciding upon the dimensions and the material. The different rates and the brand name can then decide upon the final cost of the product in the market.

There is a lot of demand for custom made pigeon hole racks in the pigeon hole racks India markets. Mostly we design steel, metal and wood pigeon hole racks but depending upon the needs of the customer, there are a lot of material varieties available for the design.

We recommend all our customers to check the pigeon hole racks before buying them and also to report any damage, in case there is, to us immediately. We also recommend them not to climb on any kind of pigeon hole racks since they are not designed in such a way and can lead to serious repercussions if done so. One more thing, to be kept in mind while dealing with storage systems, is not to overload them or to exceed the specified load instructions for such equipments. We hope that following these safety measures will help you use our products in a better and safe way and we also hope to have a long term relationship with you. Please contact us for all your storage system requirements.